Did You Ever See a Nervous Beer Drinker?

This is from an ad from the early 1900s that Erin has framed and hanging in her kitchen:

Nervousness comes from two causes.  One is half-fed nerves.

The malt in beer is a food to them; the hops a tonic.  The slight percentage of alcohol is an aid to digestion, and that means more food.

Another cause is the waste that clogs the nerve centers.  That waste results from drinking too little to properly flush the system.

The habit of beer drinking gives the body the needed fluid.

That is why beer is prescribed for nervousness.  That is why beer-drinking nations scarcely know what nervousness is.

But drink pure beer -- Schlitz beer.  Bad beer may be worse than the lack of it.

Half the cost of our brewing goes to making Schlitz pure.  Ask for the brewery bottling.

The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous

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Jen said…
I'm only a nervous beer drinker if my pint glass is lookin' empty.
Muggsy said…
Say, that's right! I've been nervous myself at around 9:50 pm on a Saturday, or when the beer supply is getting low on a Sunday (stupid blue laws!)
Jen said…
Well you need to look me up then... I almost always have a corny keg of homebrew on tap.
Trivia Chad said…
Schlitz brought back their original recipe - the one they used before they were bought out by corporate interests and turned into formaldehyde flavored seawater. I tried it. Not too bad.

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