Winter Blahs

I think I might be setting myself up for a bad case of the winter blahs this year because it's already starting to set in. The weather lately has been cold, wet & rainy. It seems like 2 seconds after I get home in the afternoon the sun goes down. When it's like this it's hard to motivate myself to do anything: go for a walk, do the dishes, shave.

I find myself thinking of the long winter ahead and I dread it -- for the first time in my life. I like winter, for the most part, it's got it's own beauty: frozen lakes, snow-covered hills, and once in a while hoar frost that makes everything look like a frosted cake. But it also has bitter cold, biting wind and tons and tons of darkness. Those are the parts I like the least.

There is a beauty that can be found on winter nights, to be sure. The skies are never clearer, and if there are clouds they sometimes seem to glow.

So I know I can find the beauty of winter, it's there all the time if you just look. I hope we get a lot of snow for two reasons, it only snows when it's relatively warm and I like the days when we get snowed in,
"Oh, sorry, I can't work today because I can't get out of my driveway."
Plus the sight of the world blanketed in snow is a wonder to behold. And even if the car won't move, my snowshoes will carry me downtown to the White Horse.

Okay, I believe I've pep-talked myself into not hating winter this year. Besides, come March it will all be over.


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