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Garden 2009

Inspired by Cari's blog I thought I'd show what's growing in my yard. The 30 year-old Bleeding Heart is about ready to bloom. The Raspberries will be back again this year, no doubt with the same vengeance as last year. Gas Plant anyone? This is sedum which I stole from someone's overgrown garden. The Daffodils I planted last year are ready to bloom! My most successful plant, commonly known as Cheddar Pinks . Soon they will have pretty five-petal flowers that smell faintly of cloves. Powered by ScribeFire .

Driving: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Percentage of adults who said they had done these things in the previous 30 days: Sped up to beat a yellow light: 58% Exceeded the speed limit by 15 mph on major highways: 45% Exceeded the speed limit by 15 mph on neighborhood streets: 15% Deliberately ran red lights: 6% Source: AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety Oct. 25-Jan. 10 survey of 2,509 adults. Amanda Cooke, 21, a computer teacher in Running Springs, Calif., says she used to drive so aggressively that her boyfriend was afraid to ride with her. "I'd cut people off to get into the lane I wanted to get in," she says. "I'd tailgate them if they were going too slow or blink my lights if it was night." Cooke says she stopped driving that way after crashing into another driver. "I didn't think it was as risky as it was," she says. Source I spend a lot of time on the road and I see shitty drivers everywhere.  I will never understand why people feel that speed limits do not apply to them, in fact

Meatloaf avec Left-overs

I had the feeling that my oven runs a little hot and subsequently cooks everything a bit too fast, dishes that should take an hour were done in about 45 minutes, etc. I mentioned this to Kate, so for my birthday she bought me an "outside the oven" meat thermometer. It's funny how a little thing like that could make me so excited! "What to cook? What to cook?" I kept asking myself, and I finally decided to start simple and make that prince of comfort food, meatloaf (tater tot hotdish is the king of comfort food). I don't have a standard recipe for meatloaf, in fact I don't really have a standard recipe for anything, so I threw one together using a few leftovers, set the oven at 350° F, inserted the thermometer's probe, set the alarm to go off when the inside had reached 160° F, opened a beer and waited. I didn't time it, but it sure felt like it took less time than times when I'd used a timer (nice sentence!), and it came out perfect!