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A Story of Incredible Stupidity

The following is a true story related to me over the Internet. I have attempted to calm the style down a bit and provide a more coherent time line, giving the original something of an "OMG-ectomy."The setting is a small business in St. Louis, what kind doesn’t matter.

The cast of characters: Boss 1, not the brightest bulb in the pack, as will become apparent.Boss 2, much smarter than Boss 1.Client X, someone who has a very substantial and overdue bill.Kelly, from Accounts Receivable.
It has become apparent to Kelly that Client X is a deadbeat and that the company will never see the money he owes, he has changed his cellphone number numerous times and his mailing address doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, Boss 1 doesn’t see it that way and one Friday decides to call Client X yet again to try to get him to pay his bill.

Client X apologizes profusely and says that he can pay by the 28th of the month. Then he makes a suggestion, “I was thinking it would just be faster if I did a wire t…