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Where do you get your morals? To be honest with you, I was raised Roman Catholic and most of my morals come from there. However, one doesn't need to be religious, or to believe in some sort of Divine Punishment to know that killing, stealing and fucking your neighbor's wife are all shitty things to do. And there are plenty of cultures that came up with societal rules with absolutely no exposure to the Judeo-Christian God. You'll grow out of your rebelious phase. I'm 50. I've been an atheist longer than I was Catholic. So you want to outlaw all religion? Not at all. I'd prefer if you kept your religion out of my politics, however. You're what's wrong with society. That is an offensive statement without any merit. 95% of the world believes in God. Doesn't that say something? Ah, the old vox populi! That doesn't prove anything. 95% of the world could believe in u