Oh, the Irony!

At the end of the week I didn't have much coffee sitting around the shop. I had the usual leftovers from the previous week's roasts, but less than I typically would. Saturday morning I got a call from Jule's Bistro begging for coffee to be delivered that day! I went to my shop and fortunately had just what they needed with nothing left in my shop but a bit of Ethiopian Yergacheffe and some decafs.

Sunday I met the Vorks for lunch and brought Ken 2 lbs. of the Ethiopian I had, leaving only a little over a pound. Jeff and Stacie apparently came in either late Sunday or early this morning and took the last of it.

So I got here this morning and didn't have any coffee to brew unless I wanted to drink decaf, which I didn't. I called Stacie and she brought me a cup from the Local Blend while she did other errands.

Yes, we have no coffee -- until I roast more.


Steph said…
Oh good, then I don't feel so bad about buying a pound of Ethiopian fair trade from the grocery store this evening. But I did hesitate for a good two minutes, and in my caffeine deprived state (OMG I'm out of coffee beans!!!) that really says something. :)
Gretchen said…
Damn Vorks, anyway! Now you all have to do without coffee.
We're unrepentant, though. In fact, I think I'll go brew another pot right now....
Cari said…
Is that irony or not? A coffee roastery with no coffee to drink? Or just unfortunate? Irony confuses me.

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