Just Damn Angry

I am very angry at my brother for his bullshit parroting of the radical right. I hear it all the time from others and it annoys me, but when it comes from my own family, and from someone who, up until now, I had always thought of as being thoughtful it really makes my blood boil. The whole thing started on Facebook, but I am ending it here. One thing I've learned is that you can't change the mind of a fucking sheep.

The block quotes are what he said, the others are my responses.

Did y'all know that slobamma accused our troops of bombing villages and murdering civilians? He did. He doesn't support the troops, he thinks we're war criminal.

Why not check your facts rather than parroting what the radical right tells you?

Because he actually SAID it. I don't care if it was "out of context", he SAID it.

What he said was this: "We’ve got to get the job done there and that requires us to have enough troops so that we’re not just air-raiding villages and killing civilians, which is causing enormous problems there."

And he had the numbers to back himself up: The Associated Press concluded: "As of Aug. 1 [2007], the AP count shows that while militants killed 231 civilians in attacks in 2007, Western forces killed 286. Another 20 were killed in crossfire that can't be attributed to one party." Even President Bush admitted that there were too many civilian casualties, saying: "The president [Afghan president Hamid Karzai] rightly expressed his concerns about civilian casualty. And I assured him that we share those concerns."

As far as the right wing is concerned; how am I a radical? I'm only telling the truth.

You are not telling the truth, you are merely parroting what the radical right says.

A vote for that muslim bastard is a vote for the end of this country. He is NOT the man for the job. He DOES hang out with terrorists, and has a minister that hates America. His ... Read Morewife [sic] said that she has only become "proud of her country" since Barry started running. I don't know about you, but that sounds like she doesn't like this country too much.

HE IS NOT A MUSLIM!!!!!!! If you learn nothing else, at least get that one fact through your thick skull. There is NO PROOF WHATSOEVER that he is, was or ever has been. And even if he were, so what? This "all Muslims are terrorists" crap belongs in the sewer because it is complete shit.

Regarding Rev. Wright, you need to look at all the white, conservative revs who've said EXACTLY THE SAME THING.

Regarding Michelle Obama, her comments were taken out of context, she used the term "really proud," not just "proud." And why shouldn't she be? For the first time in her life a black man has an excellent chance at being elected President.

And the criticisms I hear about Sarah Palin are the same ones I could make about slobamma. HE doesn't know enough to be a GD dog catcher. At least Palin has solid conservative values, you know; like smaller government, lower taxes, more friendly to businesses both big and small, an aversion to having the government pay for everything people don't want to pay for themselves.

Another bullshit argument. Obama is a sitting US Senator for the state of Illinois and a community activist and organizer. Obama's VP choice should have enough experience for you. As for conservative values, then vote on that line, not on bullshit argument after bullshit argument. GW was the governor of Texas, big fucking deal.

Allowing people to make choices about how to use their own property without interference from the EPA, or the GD Sierra Club, or f**king PETA.

PETA will never influence national policy. The EPA is a governmental organization, not a PAC. The Sierra Club is a lobbying organization, just like your beloved NRA.

If we have two plots of land next to each other I wouldn't want you launching poison into the air and into the ground water just because you can -- and that's what happens without regulation.

The flip side is to have influence from Big Oil, the pharmaceutical lobby and all those fat cats. When is the last time de-regulation brought about anything positive? *cough* $700 billion bailout *cough*

Allowing the free market to develop alternative energy without government hand outs (free markets ALWAYS to better than the government).

Where did you get that tidbit? Tax incentives are not handouts.

Ending welfare as a way of life instead of assistance for hard times... Read More.

I won't argue that more steps need to be taken, but Clinton made great strides towards that goal when he was POTUS. And NEVER FORGET that YOUR OWN MOTHER was on welfare as a child.

That the people have a say in how their children are educated without having the GD PC police breathing down their necks.

So children should be taught that God made the earth 6000 years ago? That there is such a thing as Intelligent Design? That being gay is a lifestyle choice?

Children in public schools should be taught facts, not religious dogma. People who want to have their children learn anything listed above need to send them to private schools that teach only what they want, without any pesky facts getting in the way.

You used to be a scientist, what happened?

The realization that the Constitution does not GRANT rights, it PROTECTS them from government interference, because the rights are God given (as per such nut bars as Tom Jefferson).

When you start legislating from your Bible you lose. Read the Constitution. Also, Tom Jefferson was a Deist, not a Christian.

THOSE ARE CONSERVATIVE VALUES. Not mean spirited, nor "racist" nor "jingoistic" or any other "ism" you might care to attach to us. I came be these beliefs honestly, and with intence [sic] examination. And I find that these principals are far more logical than 90% of the liberal crap I've been hearing since the 60's.

I rest on what I've said.

Please give me SOME credit for being smart. And give me some credit for being dedicated to the succsess [sic] of the greatest country God ever granted us on earth.

How can I when you recite verbatim the crap you hear on so-called talk radio? And God had nothing to do with it.

Go ahead and vote for your boy McCain. But vote because of something you actually believe in and for reasons that are sound and true, not because of something you heard someone else say in a commercial or on Faux News.

Voting is the important part, not repeating slanderous bullshit.

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SuperChunk said…
bothersome... one thing i cannot abide is those with the "He's Muslim", or "He hangs with evildoers" schtick. I choose to disassociate those who paint him colors he is not, and blame him for others actions that he cannot control. I mean, for Pete's Place, can you even get the FACTS down before you pigeon hole him?

Yes, he may be green, but uh, so was JFK... hello?

I would recommend your brother read the Rolling Stone article, 'Make Believe Maverick' - although I'm sure he'd just dismiss it as us crazy liberals pushing our agenda on the unsuspecting masses, indoctrinating them in to the evils of our peace-nik-y ways.

In any case - one cannot explain away McCain's history. Using his (true war hero) patralineal heritage to get where he is, not to mention his (now) wife's considerable family wealth and not any shortage of rich white guy club nepotism. Oh, and can anyone say Keating 5? And has anyone clocked how quickly he has backpedaled from HIS OWN hard faught legislation on campaign financing reform???

Yes, Obama may not be seasoned - but let's get a grip and realize that our government is NOT one man. And, from what I've seen in the debates, interviews, and articles (from left AND right), Obama is a helluva a lot more diplomatic and level than the hot-tempered, pandering, xenophobic, spoiled brat lesser son of greater men that is John Sidney McCain.

Oh, shoot... does this give away who I'll be voting for?
Muggsy said…
As I mentioned in a previous blog, I am tired of his bullshit and this is the last straw. I figure the best way to deal with this is just to ignore him and ignore his lack of reasoning, so I have removed him as my friend on Facebook.

If he wants to contact me, he has my email address.
Cari said…
Hey Muggsy,

I also removed him as a friend on my Facebook. It pained me to do so, but I cannot tolerate ignorant ranting. From anyone. Unless they're really drunk and its funny and I can poke them with a stick. Like we used to do with Eric Franzen. Wait, he's running for office as a Republican, isn't he? Well, go figure.


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