Trick or Treat

My door got knocked on all of four times last night and only three of those times it was little kids in costumes (and one very cute mommy).

Next year when the group of teen-agers who aren't in costume come up to my door I am going to say, "What? Is this 'No costume-candy-give-away-day'? No, it isn't. Come
back on 'No-costume-candy-give-away day' and we'll do business then!"

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Cari said…
We had 92 children visit our house for candy last night. 92!
Mike Sawin said…
When the 'kid' has to take a cigarette out of his mouth to say trick or treat, I say he is too frickin old to get candy from me.
SuperChunk said…
BHo and I hid in our living room and watched Tivo'd Extreme Home Makeover - it was bliss :) Next year we're going to do it up big... I dig H-ween.

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