Ladysmith, Wisconsin

Yesterday we traveled to Ladysmith, Wisconsin. We left Minneapolis at 8:30 am so that we could give a short performance for the students at the high school at 1 pm. There were about 400 teenagers in the auditorium and they were surprisingly well behaved, quiet, as attentive as teenagers can be and inquisitive. We took questions from the audience, and as expected, my Minnesota Vikings jacket drew some fire.

"Who's the Vikings fan?" asked one of the younger ones, "You know the Packers play the Cowboys tonight, don't you?"

"Yes, yes," I replied, "I know the Packers are better than the Vikings this year," (wild applause), "all I care about is that they beat Dallas, because I hate the Cowboys." (more wild applause).

Afterwards one of the teachers was talking to me, "Not many of these kids will come to tonight's concert. The Packers play the Cowboys tonight, so most of them will stay home to watch it."

We spent the afternoon at the motel resting and cleaning up. We went to dinner at the local pizza place, Grandpa's Pizza.

As we were chatting about the set list a lady in the next booth asked if we were the musicians who were playing at the high school tonight. It turns out that her daughter and George went to high school together in Sun Prairie, WI and she remembered his name, that drew her and her husband to the concert.

"Well, you know," said her husband, "there's a Packers/Cowboys game tonight, but we're coming anyway!"

A few minutes later another patron of the pizza place came over to us and asked if we were the entertainers for the evening, "You picked kind of a bad night. There's a Packers/Cowboys game tonight, you know."

At the concert, the emcee referred to intermission as "halftime."

The gig was alright, but the piano, sad to say, had seen better days. We tried spot-tuning it in the afternoon and again right before the concert, but it was just too far gone. George and I spent the night staying out of each other's way because the piano was so flat and just plain out of whack that all our chords clashed.

My favorite moment of the evening was after the concert when a little girl of about 8 walked up to us and said, "Thank you for singing and playing for me tonight! I really enjoyed it!"

I'm glad she did, that made the whole night worthwhile.

Sadly, the Packers were defeated by the Cowboys 37-27.

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