RIP Callie

I found my poor little sweet poot today. She's dead.

I knew she'd been sick lately, she'd lost so much weight and gotten that ratty, sick cat fur. I knew she was going and the vet would only cost me money I don't really have. I can't spend hundreds of dollars keeping a cat alive like my sister could.

I saw her the other night and she was so weak and wobbly. I told her how much I loved her and what a great cat she'd been. I told her it was okay to die. I watched her not much later gingerly walk to one of her favorite living room spaces, under the end table -- she would sleep there for hours. And that's where I found her.

She was such a sweet, sweet girl. I keep thinking about our lives together.

My girlfriend at the time, Christy, brought home a stray cat one night that turned out to be a pregnant female, Callie was one of five kittens who were born a couple of weeks later.

We kept them in the back room of our apartment, a three-season porch that you had to walk down a couple of steps to enter. I would lay on the floor of that room and Callie and her siblings, Owange, Sunshine Face, Petite Guillame and Dottie, would crawl all over me and play with my hair and clothes. It was such fun! The day they figured out how to climb the couple of steps was they day the apartment got infested with kittens! We gave all the others away, including the mother, but kept Callie. She was with me for over 10 years.

She wasn't much for being held, instead she had what I called "ok, you may pet me now" time. When it was time for lovin' she'd jump up on my lap and purr. When she got happy she'd lift one of her front paws and flex her claws in the air and when she got really happy she'd start to drool from the corner of her mouth.

She wasn't the most social cat in the world, she'd hide for days without me seeing her. That's why I didn't notice anything wrong with her until it was too late. I was used to not seeing her, so not seeing her didn't seem odd.

My poor, poor baby lasted a couple of weeks, which was far longer than I thought.

I am so sad. I loved her so much. My poor, sweet baby...

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Mike Sawin said…
I'm sorry for your loss. She sounds like a memorable cat.
cjschuette said…
That's terrible news, Muggsy. I'm so sorry to hear that. I'll be thinking of you.
MKL said…
I would have spent hundreds to keep your pet alive had I known she was sick. I am sorry she is gone - she was a beautiful cat.

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