Thanksgiving Head-On Collision

I was coming back from my brother's house and Thanksgiving dinner.

Young dude in an Audi heading south suddenly swerved about a half a car-width into the oncoming lane. The other driver in a green minivan or SUV (it was dark) swerved to miss him, they hit drivers side to drivers side. Suddenly I see a car going sideways (the Audi) and he winds up on the shoulder facing north.

I stopped to see if he was okay, I noticed that someone else was checking on the other guy. He was a little scratched, but he was conscious and seemed fairly coherent. I called 911.

All sorts of cars pulled off and about a half dozen of us or so made sure everything was okay. One guy grabbed out a snow shovel and started clearing debris, another guy said that his wife, an RN, was attending the other guy.

My guy is sitting there amongst deflated airbags completely dazed and he starts digging around for his insurance card. His front left tire is completely missing, it just flew off somewhere into the adjacent farm field.

Another guy who witnessed the event gave me his number in case the cops wanted to talk to him, but he had to get going. Yet another talked to the guy in the Audi, shielded him from the wind (it was 6 degrees F) and waited for the local Fire and Rescue.

Cops arrived en masse, two ambulances and a couple of wrecking vehicles, too. In less than an hour they had both parties out of their cars and into the ambulances, the wreckers got both cars removed from the road and a few of the cops left.

Finally a sheriff's deputy talked to me, "You'll want to talk to the highway patrol, I told him you saw it... oh, I guess he's leaving and doesn't need to talk to you. You can go."

I asked him if everyone was okay, and he told me they were, "This is why we tell people not to text and drive," he said. "The young guy was texting and swerved out of his lane."

"Happy Thanksgiving," I said, and came home.

So there's your lesson, kids: DON'T TEXT AND DRIVE!!!


Cari said…
I'm sorry you had to see this on Thanksgiving. Or, like, ever. Stupid kids.
Brian said…
Muggsy you have the oddest luck (for lack of a better term). Each post you have is a one-in-a-million chance of ever encountering. I hope you don't mind that i've continued to read your blog. You are so dam interesting.

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