Going Once... Going Twice

Yesterday Jeff & I had a gig at the St. Cloud Civic Center for an education fund raiser and awards ceremony. We were hired to play from 4:30 - 6:00 PM during the silent auction. Afterward the "regular" auction would begin. Well, either someone forgot to tell the auctioneer or he just decided on his own to start early -- really early, like 4:45.

He didn't start selling things right away, he interviewed a few people who were looking at the items for sale and a couple of other people from area schools who had booths set up showing processes that had won them the awards they would be given later. Then he started selling things.

We didn't know what to do at first, so we stopped playing and took a small break. The contact for the gig asked us to keep playing so we got up on stage and got back to work. The auctioneer had started the auction so early and the room was so empty that I watched an Adrian Peterson autographed football go for $75. That same football would have gone for over $500 in Minneapolis or St. Paul.

He keep auctioning, we kept playing. We found it really hard to concentrate, but we kept going regardless. Finally, with about 10 minutes left on our contract he finished the auction, thanked the audience and said his good-byes. He came up on stage to return the microphone he'd been using to the podium and decided, before he put it on the stand, to interview Jeff & me.

It wasn't a simple "you've been listening to... what are you guys called?" He added, "which one is which," and "Muggsy's not your real name, is it?" and one more "thank you" to the crowd. By the time he was done, so was our song and so was our time.

We've played in a lot of different situations for a lot of different clients. We've done everything from playing in a loud room full of people who don't even know we're there to playing at a county fair next to the grandstand while a tractor pull was going on (a one, a two, a one, two, three -- RRRROOOOAAAAARRRR!!!!), this is just another one for the books and another story.


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