Road Rage

1. To the guy on the bicycle: you have to obey the rules of the road, too. I saw you on the corner of MN Highway 23 and 10th Ave. S. in Waite Park, MN[map]. You were heading west on 23, but you were at a stop light. Cars from the left turn lane of 23 east were legally turning onto 10th because they had the green arrow. You, on the other hand, were at a red light, which means you were legally bound to stop and wait until the light turned green, just as if you were another vehicle on the road -- which you are! You didn't have to stand there swearing at every car that passed in front of you. Yes, I know it was cold, but you should have thought of the before you left and bundled up accordingly, and if you were late for something, that's not anyone else's fault but yours. Next time calm the fuck down, and maybe acquaint yourself with the rules of the road for bicycles. (Rule 1 might interest you!)

2. To the guy in the black Jetta: Ha ha, fucker! You tried speeding down a frontage road to pass me and six other cars because you thought you could outrun us all and be able to zip in front of us at the next intersection. Too bad you had to slow down so drastically at the end or you might have been successful! I think that every one of us deliberately drove just under the posted speed limit just to piss you off. Here's the deal, dipshit: you're not more important than anyone else regardless of the car you drive.

3. To everybody: use your fucking blinkers! I can't read your mind, you know.

There. I feel better now.


SuperChunk said…
1) True, I wish more bikers would realize they, too, are vehicles.
2) I hate assholes like that - makes me want to strangle them... just like those d-bags on interstate merge lanes that blow by everyone else who has queued up.
3) Amen. When you go from 35 mph to 10mph for no apparent reason, but then turn (what?! no blinker?!) - you are a colassal ass munch.

I am sooooooo in agreement with you Muggs. Somedays road rage seems justified, but alas, it never truly is.
Muggsy said…
2. I call them "passholes."
Mike Sawin said…
Another pet peeve:

People who slow down while approaching a green light.

People who don't go through the intersection when the light turns green. "Oh look at at that. The light turned green. Oh yah. I should go, then."

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