King Asshole

I was driving to St. Cloud from Minneapolis this afternoon and was unlucky enough to have had my trip affected by a rather nasty accident which occurred just a few minutes earlier on I-94. A state trooper, who had stopped to help with an accident got hit by some idiot doing 60 mph. He claims he must have dozed off, having come off a 16-hour shift at work.

Many of us were stopped just short of the Dowling Avenue overpass because the accident had happened just a little to the north. A state trooper came along the left shoulder and announced through his bullhorn that we should all back up and exit onto Dowling because cleanup was going to take too long for us to wait. So we backed up on the interstate. I had to back up about a quarter of a mile and then everything cleared just enough for me to make a U-turn and get myself situated to join the throngs trying to get onto Dowling.

Some bald-headed cocksucker in a champagne colored Toyota Highlander, who had not been one of us who had to back-up, but was traveling on I-94, got himself situated mere inches from the car ahead of him -- he wasn't going to let anyone in front of him. I got in right behind him in the left hand lane of the exit. He somehow managed to cut off someone in the right lane, passed about three cars and then cut someone else off to get back into the left lane. People were honking at him because he was being a dick. He continued on, window rolled down, arm and middle finger extended.

I officially name that guy King Asshole! We were all in that mess together but he obviously thought that he's more important than anyone else and that he didn't have to fucking wait in line like the rest of us did. I wish there was some pox or curse I could place upon that dickweed motherfucker that would cause him to lose the ability to drive.

Fucking jerk!


SuperChunk said…
I officially second that pox/curse you have placed upon him, thereby making it unable to rebound back on to you in some freak karmic retribution type of thingy... I Hate people like that (with a capital H).

Furthermore - I wish him unending impotence, and an enlarged prostate.
Erin said…
Funny, George pulled out onto the shoulder to block some asshole in a champagne colored Toyota Highlander from cutting in front of everyone else. It worked, until the guy got pissed off enough to pull out onto the embankment and drive the rest of the way up to the Dowling exit that way.

Wonder if it was the same guy....

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