Jimmy John's Downtown

I can't fucking believe it! Downtown St. Cloud -- specifically 5th Ave in downtown St. Cloud -- is getting another fucking sub shop! Jimmy John's is going into the former Meeting Grounds/Waldo's spot between D.B. Searle's and the Radisson.

Now if you want a sub sandwich and you're on 5th Ave you can go to Hemsing's, Milio's, Jimmy John's or Erbert's & Gerbert's, and they're all located within a block and a half of each other. The order goes like this, south to north: Hemsing's, the Electric Fetus, Milio's, Pioneer Place, D.B. Searle's, Jimmy John's, the Radisson, M&H Appliance, Erbert's & Gerbert's.

The reason this merits more than a mere eye-rolling from me is the fact that Jeff & Stacie (my business partner and his wife) looked into taking the former Meeting Grounds/Waldo's space and turning it into a locally-owned vegetarian coffee house/restaurant. The article I read today in BusinessCentral magazine which is sent to me monthly as a part of my membership in the St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce, said that they finalized the deal with Jimmy John's back in June, which means they were jerking my friends around when they said they were considering their proposal. Add the fact that the space is still sitting empty, whereas Jeff & Stacie had an opening date set for August 1st and my eyes can't roll far enough nor fast enough!

The final straw for me is the fact that both Milio's and Jimmy John's were formed by former Erbert's & Gerbert's partners and they all make EXACTLY THE SAME SANDWICH!

So, way to go Jim Graves, owner of the Radisson building, you passed up a locally-owned and operated, unique restaurant for a fucking cookie-cutter sub sandwich chain. Way to support the small business owner, dude.


ThatsRich said…
Yeah, but Muggs, jeez, Quizno's downtown location closed like months ago. With only three sub shops downtown, we'd be forced to eat at one of them (gasp) three times each week.

Now that our sub level has been restored to four, we never again have to worry about having to eat at one place more than twice a week.

Besides, who can resist the clever names E&G give to their sammiches? I'll have a Felcher, a Merkin and a Barf, please.

Anyone else care to suggest other as yet untapped possible E&G sub monikers?
Anonymous said…
I'll take the Lapdance with extra banana peppers, please.
cjschuette said…
You know, I always thought it was just my imagination that St. Cloud is hoarding all the sandwich shops and...


Bummer to hear about Jeff & Stacie getting screwed over. What a waste.
Unknown said…
Ahhh,,Jimmy John's was first. Close but not quite on the investigative reporting. Me loves em all.

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