Leaving Myspace in Favor of Facebook

Myspace was fun for a while, but I am moving to Facebook.

With Myspace I was able to connect with some people I hadn't seen in years, but mostly I "friended" people I already knew. Most of the time, however, you run across teens who have no concept of what is and what isn't good design. There is no shortage of web sites that can help you customize your Myspace page, but it seems that most of them allow the user to add animated glitter to the background and change the colors some. Animated glitter should be banned from the internet forever! Personally I used CSS to edit my page and my blog, the design is clean and there isn't an animated GIF anywhere on my page, but the code is u-g-l-y!

Customization is about the only thing that I like about Myspace over Facebook. Facebook uses a proprietary coding language that makes it difficult, but not impossible to customize your page. All I have found so far gives you the ability to customize only parts of your Facebook page, not the overall look. That would be nice. But then that's why I have my own web site, I can change the look daily if I so choose.

Ultimately I got tired of the copious amounts of spam that are part and parcel of the Myspace world. Every day my inbox has friend requests from web cam hotties who want me to subscribe to their little hobby and from bands that suck. (Because I have "jazz" listed as one of my favorite styles of music I get spam from sucky "smooth jazz" players. Smooth jazz is crap.)

I have heard from my PC using friends that if you use Myspace you have to religiously sweep your computer for viruses and spyware. Fortunately as a Mac user I am spared that delightful aspect.

To its credit, Myspace has gotten me in touch with people from my past with whom I would have ordinarily lost contact. But I am making this move very public so if they want to keep in touch they can follow me.

I don't think I'll really miss Myspace.


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