Against the Will of the Creator

I took part in an amazing event this past week on Madeline Island in Wisconsin: my dear friends, Amanda and Stacy, got married. I've known Stacy for over 20 years, and Amanda over 10 years, and both of them are truly amazing women. The ceremony itself was mostly private (a group of us watched from a distance) at the request of the Happy Couple™, but the amount of love and acceptance expressed at the reception was an amazing thing to see.

It's kind of odd to find a destination wedding that also features a pot luck supper, but that's what they did, and no one was turned away, even if they weren't a wedding guest. By the end of the night, most of the food was gone, and I saw a lot of Native Americans from the local reservation walk by me with filled plates. Feeding the poor, that's a pretty cool thing to do.

Strangers offered their best wishes to the Happy Couple™, and no one judged them because of their gender -- not one person. That is the way it should be.

It took the Supreme Court to make it legal for Stacy and Amanda to get married in Wisconsin, a state which had a law on the books making it illegal for them to do so. Equal Rights means Equal Rights, and there is no good reason to keep two people who love each other from marrying, even if they're both of the same sex.

Unless you're religious.

Despite the love and support from dozens of friends and well wishers, despite the generosity of the Happy Couple™, despite the loving acceptance of everyone from the oldest to youngest person in the room, they're broken. That is the term used by a person I know: broken. Why? Because their love goes against God's Law®™.

By following God's®™ that way, you are intentionally blinding yourself to the full spectrum of humanity, and you're willfully ignoring Jesus' second greatest law: Love others as you love yourself, AKA the Golden Rule of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Hate begets hate, and goes against Biblical teaching, as does judging others, ignoring the beam in your own eye, and casting the first stone. And it is so, so easy for these judgmental types to ignore all the other teachings of the Bible while waving their cherry picked portions in your face: eating shellfish and pork, cutting your hair, wearing mixed fabrics, having tattoos, and if you're a woman, speaking in public.

Jesus apparently came along to correct some of God's mistakes, at least that's what I've heard from a lot of Christians. I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean. Obviously, killing, stealing, lying, and fucking someone else's spouse is still frowned upon, and I guess now it's okay to eat shellfish and pork, to wear mixed fabrics, and, if you're a woman, to speak in public. But the gay thing still means you're broken. For some reason. Honestly, I just don't get it.

I had originally meant for this post to be a response to my friend's comment that gay people "went against the will of God," but I decided to let it go. She can believe that tripe if she wants to, but I know better. Gay people aren't broken, they're people just like anyone else.

Jesus supposedly hung out with and helped prostitutes, lepers, and the poor, setting an example of acceptance that I witnessed personally on Madeline Island, and at the other gay wedding I attended in Minnesota last year. I would rather live that kind of life than one that labels people as broken because of who they are.


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