Garden 2009

Inspired by Cari's blog I thought I'd show what's growing in my yard.

The 30 year-old Bleeding Heart is about ready to bloom.

The Raspberries will be back again this year, no doubt with the same vengeance as last year.

Gas Plant anyone?

This is sedum which I stole from someone's overgrown garden.

The Daffodils I planted last year are ready to bloom!

My most successful plant, commonly known as Cheddar Pinks. Soon they will have pretty five-petal flowers that smell faintly of cloves.

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Cari said…
Lovely! My hops are CRAZY. They are already over six feet up the trellis. I don't know if I'll be able to keep them from climbing all the way to the top of the walnut tree this year.
Lisa Zahn said…
Love the plates in the garden. I just saw that on someone else's blog.

I wish cheddar pinks were successful for me. I'll have to re-plant.

BTW, I live in St. Cloud. Found you from Jen Meyer's blog list--you might know my husband George a bit...

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