Oops! Wrong Venue!

We had one of those huge-ass long gigs yesterday. We were scheduled to start with a couple of sets of jazz outdoors at 5 pm and finish with three sets of variety/rock ending at midnight. The gig was, as far as we knew, scheduled to take place at Cragun's Resort on Gull Lake.

We got there with plenty of time to set up and get things ready. I went in and talked to a young woman at the front desk, I asked her if there was a wedding or some sort of event scheduled and she directed me to the North Beach.

The beach? Where the heck are you supposed to set up and rock band on a beach? Sand and musical equipment are not a good combination as we've found out in the past, the infamous End of Summer gig at the Pioneer Place didn't do anything good for any of our stuff. But ours is not to question why, so off we went to the beach.

An employee suggested that we set up right by the beach on a patch of lawn. The wedding party was going to end with a bonfire and that would be the best place for us to be. We pulled the van up and unloaded a few items: some of the smaller drums, three monitor speakers, the bass amp, the lights, the sound board and power amp, a couple of guitars. A man in a tuxedo walked up to us.

"I didn't hire a band," he said.

"And you look like the guy who'd be signing the check if you had," Jeff responded.

He smiled, we apologized and reloaded the van. We called our contact and found that we weren't even supposed to be at the main building at Cragun's, but at their world-class golf course called The Legacy.

We got there with just enough time to set up. We weren't playing for a wedding after all, but for a car dealership. They treated us very well! They fed us, they bought us drinks, they let us quit a half-hour early and tipped us $100! And they loved us and want to hire us for an event they have in February.

All in all, the day was long but great!


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