Holly Ball 2007

This was the first year the St. Cloud's Holly Ball was held somewhere other than the Holiday Inn. Aparently it got too big and they we're turning thousands away. I'm not sure what the Holly Ball is all about, a friend of mine called it the Old People Prom. All I know for sure is the St. Cloud's "Movers and Shakers" are there (I remember seeing Stearns County Prosecuting Attorney Janelle Kendal -- she's a babe!). the mayor was probably there, too. Anyway, there's a whole lot of money floating around in that room, tables go for over $2000 and there were a lot of tables!

We were hired to perform in various forms, the end of the evening featured the George Maurer Variety Group trading off sets with Bella Diva. We're a good match, GMG does 50s, 60s & 70s rock and Motown, Bella Diva, a group fronted by three women, features more 70s, 80s & 90s with a strong emphasis on disco and other high-energy dance stuff. The early part of the evening had us split up, George playing solo piano at the front of the room and Jeff, Scott & I playing trio at the back of the room. It's a big room, 105 x 265 feet.

The problem was, they also asked some of the players in Bella Diva to also play trio music, and another pianist, too. They put us all on the same end of the room about 30 feet from each other, meaning we were about 60 feet from the other trio with the pianist in the middle. I could hear the other drummer, and I really feel sorry for the piano guy who had to try to concentrate on his own music while hearing two different jazz trios play different songs -- all seven of us playing simultaneously! I can only image what it sounded like in the middle of the room. Cacophony! We won't let that happen again.

Anyway, the gig, apart from that little nastiness, went over like gangbusters and we've already been asked back for next year! It's nice to know I'm booked in December of 2008!!

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