Not Really Good News

I got a call on Monday from one of my best customers telling me that she was being forced to close her doors and give up the business. The Meeting Grounds in Sartell is no more as of Tuesday last.

Certainly, this sucks for me because that store was good for around $1000 a month and kissing $12,000 goodbye is no easy thing. But I am more concerned about Joyce, the owner of that particular store.

She's a very nice lady. I always enjoyed talking "small business" with her. We were both very open and honest about how things were going, and I know she was constantly struggling to make ends meet. Yet she always managed to pay her bills and her employees. As usual, it is the business owner who is the last one to get paid and I know that was a source of hardship for her.

I'm really going to miss her.


SuperChunk said…
Give it 2 or 3 weeks and some stinkin' corporate evil will move into her spot... i'll put my money on Caribou. F'in soulless monkey f'in cows.

Sorry Muggs, that blows, and sucks, at the same time.
Muggsy said…
That's what I thought intially, but it turns out that they're moving Cork's in.
Mike Sawin said…
I live in Cold Spring, so that store was WAY out of my way. But that was my favorite Meeting Grounds. The store was gorgeous, and the place was always a good place for a cuppa and reading.

I'm going to miss that store.

Hopefully, you'll find another customer soon!
Cari said…
Grill and wine bar, eh? They'll need coffee...

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