Amateur Jazz Night

We played in Brainerd last night for a Halloween costume dance -- a little early, if you ask me, but there you go. We were contracted by a guy named Dave, he plays the trombone a little and he sings a little, but he's not that good at either.

Jeff, Scott & I got paid to sit there and read charts of mostly jazz standards, with a few 50s rock songs thrown in. 15 couples in costume danced. My favorite costume was a young lady who was about 7 or 8 months pregnant in a form-fitting red evening gown with devil's horns. I really wanted to ask her if she got pregnant just for the costume -- that really shows some Halloween dedication!

Dave is a very amateur performer, but his heart is in the right place and he's very enthusiastic! All night he kept saying that we were "the best in the world!" and that we had played everywhere, from coast to coast. I felt a little like Shinola.

But I digress...

I really felt like a music whore last night. We played such a cheesy gig strictly for the money. And the thing is, I'd do it again! Ultimately, it's like being paid to practice, or maybe it's exactly what it is: a "pick-up gig." I'm a hired gun, paid to go and do the bidding of the guy who holds the wallet.

It's hard to not like Dave, though, he's so gracious and kind throughout, he must have thanked each of us a hundred times and said that he "learned a lot" playing with us. He will never make the "big time" -- neither will I, but he has heart and guts, that's for sure.

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SuperChunk said…
Now I have a context for whenever my parents pull out the ol', "You don't know shit from Shinola" comment.

And how frightening are the old ads? Kid's getting his ass handed to him, and decides THAT'S a good time to point out to good ol' dad that his shoes look like the business end of a hog? Junior's not that bright, is he?!
Cari said…
Come now, you've been a music whore for years. This feeling should not be unfamilar.
ThatsRich said…
You should be used to this, Muggsy. You've played with me for years...
cjschuette said…
Oops, sorry; I heard "Amateur Jazz Night" and thought you were talking about me.

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