Eh? What's that?

on Thursday, May 22, 2008

Last Friday, after our gig at the Whitehorse, my left ear started to feel plugged. Saturday was annoying and Sunday was pretty bad. It stayed on all week, so I went to the doctor today. Turns out it's related to allergies.

I spent every day hoping it would suddenly clear. I spent every night with visions of every urban legend I've ever heard about some insect or spider crawling into someone's ear only to become trapped and die (or in the really bad stories, hundreds of baby spiders come crawling out eventually!), or thinking about an infection that could potentially diminish or destroy my hearing.

Losing my hearing is something I've thought about before. I've noticed in recent years that I can't make out higher-pitched sounds, like a woman's voice, in a crowded room. That makes it hard to talk to people. Lord knows I've spent enough time around cymbals and loud guitars to have some effect, add that to the fact that I am a 40+ year old male and it just stands to reason that I'd experience some hearing problems.

Beethoven could hear the notes in his head, he knew what he wanted before he even put pen to paper, and as a result was able to continue to compose even after his hearing was completely gone. But Beethoven I ain't. If I lost my hearing a major part of my life, and one of my greatest loves, would be cut off forever. It's a scary thought.

I'm glad my problem is easy to fix. It would probably have cleared up in a few days, but these types of things can last as long as 3 months!! I got a prescription for Nasonex, and that should help.

Happy spring!